Sponsor Land

Two unique benefits we offer sponsors
Have you ever dreamed of buying a large swath of land to leave to the wild and wondrous beasts, birds, and insects you’ve loved since your childhood? If you would like to sponsor a wild land conservation purchase, of any size, we can administer the entire process from finding the right land to providing ongoing administration. Most importantly, we can offer you two things that nobody else can.

  1. Accelerated land protection
    Working with you, we can preserve twice the amount of land that you could preserve on your own at the same cost. In some areas it may be possible to preserve up to three or even four times as much. We employ an entirely new model for land conservation that utilizes a massive real-time database of metrics from every county across the United States to accelerate rewilding efforts.
  2. Truly wild conservation
    The Wild Land Trust does not employ farming, ranching, oil & gas development, or logging on wild land.