The Wild Land Trust is a conservancy pioneering new models for rewilding land. We are entirely supported through donations and are currently focussing on wild mustang & bison habitat, costal redwood forests, and great lakes migratory paths for birds and monarch butterflies.

Rediscovering a lost wilderness
Not long ago, wild forests and prairies covered most of the United States but those areas have largely disappeared. So too have the great herds of buffalo, sky-darkening flocks of cranes, and roaming packs of wolves.

Ecologists are witnessing this deterioration first hand. Take for instance Bernie Krause; he is among the many thinkers who compel us to ask different kinds of questions.

Truly wild
The Wild Land Trust is developing new strategies to accelerate wildlife conservation so that we may increasingly share our planet with wild nature and enjoy the benefits of doing so. Unlike most conservancies, the Wild Land Trust does not employ farming, ranching, oil & gas development, or logging on wild land.

The Wild Land Trust is a project of the nonpartisan Association for a Sustainable Future, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2001 to support critical ecological work. Contact us with questions or to join our volunteer team.

Our website photography has been generously provided by Dana Critchlow, John Towner (townerphoto.com), and Marc-Antoine Dépelteau (500px.com/theautumnsgrief). If you would like to volunteer or support our work please contact us.